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Maria Skipper

Maria Skipper, is a principal real estate broker who has a 16-year, proven track record of outstanding fiduciary-client representation. In October 2014, she established her own brokerage in Oregon, which she is the managing principal broker; Bella Grande Properties.  Her knowledge of today’s real estate environment, as well as her advanced studies in marketing and advertising, has proved to be a tremendous asset to her sellers.  
Maria began her real estate career in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area. She's had the distinct privilege of selling some of the most noteworthy properties in Oregon.  
During the turbulent real estate market and recession of 2009-2011, she steadily and aggressively worked with clients who desired to purchase short sales, bank REO’s, and people who desperately needed to sell despite the market not being favorable to sellers at that time.  
Beyond, general seller and buyer representation, Maria has been involved with providing real estate consulting services for a multi-unit townhome development in the City of Sandy.  She successfully achieved a zone change approval from the Planning Commission and City Council Board on behalf of her client, thus successfully completing the lengthy zone-change process necessary for the endeavor to occur; C1-Commercail to R3-High Density Residential.  
Maria has experience selling new construction.  From 2017-2019 Maria had the pleasure of working with one of Portland’s largest local development firms; Kimco Properties LTD.  She located investment properties for Kimco that met their specific perimeters for building new construction.  Once the new construction was completed, she was the exclusive listing agent.  During the same period, Maria was the general contractor for the build of a 2651 SQFT vacation home near Mt.Hood. From the creation of the custom floor plan, to obtaining the final occupancy permit on Dec. 31st 2019, Maria oversaw every detail to see this project to completion. ( Building project portfolio photo’s available upon request)
On several occasions Maria was asked by real estate attorneys to testify in court as to the values of specific parcels and properties for their clients.  Furthermore, in both instances she was then asked to represent the court appointed receiverships involved in the cases to sell the real property.
Maria has successfully navigated difficult conveyances that require a higher level of expertise.  You can rest assured you’ll receive the highest level of service and expertise when you hire Maria Skipper as your Real Estate broker.   
Formal Education: 
Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Advertising/ Portland State University.
Licensed as an Oregon Broker in 2004
Managing Principal Real Estate Broker of Bella Grande Properties from Oct 2014 to present

Maria Skipper
Phone: 503.351.4101
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